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Assume the position

img_2341I am having the hardest damn time writing this post. It’s certainly NOT because I lack inspiration. Quite the opposite!

After a lengthy hiatus from any tongue-on-clit action, I was in desperate need of some special attention from MYC “down there.”

Fuck, I love how much that man loves to eat pussy. I’m not sure it’s possible for him to get his fill. God knows, I am happy to help satisfy that need.

I had the office to myself last week, providing a somewhat safe location. There had almost been a close call at the apartment last week, so it was good to have an alternative.

When he arrived, I had “assumed the position”—lying on the conference room table, pants and panties off, with my legs spread.

He closed and locked the conference room door and revealed his massive, hard cock. I licked and stroked it a few times before sat down and went to work on me. Each bite on my inner thigh sent lightning bolts and the first touch of his mouth on my throbbing clit, spawned a tempest.

“Absence makes the heart grow fonder,” they say. It makes my clit a ravenous whore! I held out as long as I could—wishing and wanting it to last so much longer. When I relented, I was rewarded with magnificent relief and satisfaction.




About midway through Wednesday’s conference call, it occurred to me that my coworker and I occupied the same end of the conference room table where, on Monday, I lay with my legs spread, where MYC conferred upon me his masterful maneuverings.

That day began with a friendly exchange of texts about the weekend, a job I applied for and other benign subjects. At some point, of course, the conversation took a kinky turn. It’s Pavlovian, really. When I see a text notification from him, I get wet.

I advised that I was going to have the office to myself in the late afternoon and he proposed an enticing pursuit.


When he indicated that he was on his way, I quickly removed my bra and panties, positioned myself on the conference room table and queued up some Big Black Cock porn. I let him know that I was rubbing my clit and he asked me not to come. I obliged, knowing that he was going to take care of that for me.

With a series of dings, my phone alerted me of his texts announcing his proximity to my wanting puss: “crossing Fletcher St…parking…on the elevator.”

Hearing him come through the door and lock it is an integral part of the sensual prelude. I quiver in anticipation of what comes next.

“Oh, fuck, yes,” he murmured, as he sat in the chair and satisfied my desire to feel his mouth on my clit and cunt. He has an insatiable capacity for eating pussy and I am beyond happy to help service this need.

After my climax, he stood and pulled out his rock-hard cock. He eased the head into me, pulled out and gently pressed it against my ass. As he repeated these steps, he whispered, “Where do I want to fuck my slut?”

I knew the answer.

After lubricating his cock with my ample juices, he slowly entered my ass. “Relax,” he instructed. I did as he said and welcomed his extraordinary length. As I pinched my nipples and groaned in exquisite pain, he pounded me and exploded in relief.


In the moment

Yesterday day was one of those rare times when MYC and I had an extended amount of time to play at the apartment. I left fulfilled and content.

I could expend the effort to take screen shots of our text exchange leading up to the encounter and try to recount every detail in a blog post, but I’m not going to do so. Rather, I am going to reside in the happiness and satisfaction it provided.

After nine years of fucking around, we still enjoying pleasuring each other.

How I crave his tongue on my clit, his mouth on mine, his cock inside of me.

It thrills me to suck his cock, tongue fuck his ass, take his load.

We are dirty and rough, occasionally tender.

I covet his company and conversation.

He is kindly indulgent.


Where have the last two weeks gone?! Professional, family and volunteer obligations have kept me super busy. It’s nice to have a little time to reflect and write!

Last week started out with a quick and dirty rendezvous with MYC on the conference room table and ended with a much more in-depth encounter at the apartment.

img_4769On Monday, I was preparing to be out of town for three days and he indicated he had time to “help me” that morning. If anything can help me, it’s his mouth on my clit!

I needed to run by the office to pick up a few things before hitting the road, so we agreed to meet there.

He is so good to his favorite slut. Always willing to help and provide instruction, which is often needed.

He left his office and I departed from my house, arriving at my office before he did, anxious to hear from him. Shortly, I received the awaited text.

I did as he said and he treated me to an amazing send off. There’s no denying it. I am so spoiled. And greedy for more. You would be, too. I promise.

Fast forward to Thursday afternoon. I enjoyed a little “free time” without my kids before heading down to volunteer at the neighborhood pool. MYC and I enjoyed a kinky text exchange in between me selling sodas, ice cream and candy to kids with wet dollar bills.

He said he might need to jack off when he got home. Needless to say, I thought that was a bad idea. How could he waste a load?! I wanted it!!! At this point, it’s all about me, although he does not go without gratification.


For one reason or another, The Husband did not benefit from my heightened state of arousal. Perhaps he was out of town. Hell, I don’t remember. In fact, I can’t remember the last time we fucked. We just haven’t had or made the opportunity. Maybe he will get lucky tonight, because writing is getting me charged up.

On Friday, it appeared that MYC had a brief window to play. The apartment was safe, so we met there after lunch.

Apparently, he intended to follow through on the idea of an ass fuck. Hell, yes! But the pain is almost too much to bear. It started with me on the sofa, legs spread, ready for his mouth. He licked sucked and I begged him to share. He rarely indulges me, so I savor it when he lets me taste my juices on his tongue. It’s heavenly.

“Damn, you are sexy,” he whispered, as he pulled away and thrust his cock into me. “Let’s fuck that ass now,” he said.

“Please don’t hurt me,” I pleaded. He went to the bathroom and pumped the lotion bottle. I followed and did the same. “Bend over,” he hissed, “and relax.” With my face inches from the mirror, I could see his reflection as he slowly and gently guided his cock into me.

It was astonishingly pleasurable. Although I often like the sharp sensation of his cock as it penetrates, this was subtle and scratched an itch I’m not sure I knew I had! I watched him fuck me, another delight. He grabbed a handful of hair, pulled my head back, groaned and blew his load. Simply sublime.

Upon reflection, borderline supernatural.

Take-off text

Before MYC would send me a cock pic on Wednesday, he told me, “You can’t keep it…” Fuck. I promised to be a good girl and was rewarded with a close up of his right hand wrapped around that delicious shaft. After a crescendo of dirty texts, he blew a load in his hotel room and I slipped into bed next to my sleeping husband and used my magic bullet to find quiet release.

Thursday night’s text exchange with MYC heated me to a fever pitch, ending with The Husband getting a phenomenal cock sucking, another magic bullet session for me and a fine fuck. Pure collateral damage.

Just as MYC’s plane was taking off for home on Friday afternoon, he texted, “I wish I had an extra 10 minutes,” ostensibly to hook up for a blow job. But he had a dinner to attend and needed to hit the road as soon as he landed.

“Fuck you,” I replied, and followed up with “5?!” and “3?!” Hell, I could rock his world in two minutes.

Alas, no MYC minutes for Kinky. For now…

Get worse before it gets better

Over the past several weeks, the Hot Attorney has been acting somewhat erratic and manic. Honestly, I have been concerned and told him as much. “You have good reason,” he said. “I resigned from my job last week and my wife and I have separated.”

On Wednesday, we met at the law school library for “the usual.” After he blew a load on my tits, we talked for a long time about his professional and personal plans. He seemed a great deal more lucid, thankfully.

Their divorce filing was in today’s newspaper. I am sad for my friend. He has been so stressed out and I fear that it’s going to get a lot worse before it gets better.

That moment when…

That moment when you’ve been writing blog posts and dirty texting with your favorite fuck buddy and are so incredibly turned on that you’re about to explode, so you slip into bed next to your sleeping husband, get out your magic bullet and find quiet release.

That moment when you did what you were told and deleted that amazing cock pic he sent you and wish to hell you had it back!

That moment when you’re lying in bed, envisioning him standing over you, stroking his cock and blowing a load on your tits, going to town on your clit with your Magic Wand.

That moment when you think you need to find a 12-step program for cock addiction.