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While at an out-of-town meeting on Wednesday, the Hot Attorney called (he never leaves a voice mail and NEVER texts). On the way home, I rang him and learned that he had been to the law library earlier and wanted me to join him. Damn! A missed opportunity.

He said he would likely have some free time on Friday afternoon and would like to get on my cock-sucking calendar. He knows my dance card stays pretty full. We penciled it in and I agreed to call him then.

Friday morning rolled around and I was enjoying working from home, after, of course, plugging in Juan, watching some porn and getting off a couple of times. Don’t you take advantage of time alone to pleasure yourself? If not, I highly recommend it.

My office was going to be unoccupied that afternoon, so we agreed to meet there around 4 p.m. MYC and I had been texting off and on all morning and he expressed that he hoped I had some fun that day. I told him that was likely going to happen! And about five minutes after the Hot Attorney arrived at my office, MYC sent a text asking if I had gotten to be a bad girl and I informed him that it was just about to go down.

HA stood, pulled out his cock and I went to work. When he coaxed out some precum and rubbed it onto my nipple, I took a pic and sent it to MYC. Sharing is caring.

When it was all said and done, I was lying on the floor, with the HA astride me. He jacked off and came on my tits (and hair…and carpet…ha!). What a way to wrap up my birthday week! Over the weekend, I told MYC all about my day, an incredible turn on for both of us.

On Monday morning, the exchange continued.

Throughout the morning, the tension built, culminating in a lunch-time encounter at the apartment that began with him saying, “We are going to do three things: I am going to eat your pussy, fuck you, then wait for little while and fuck you in the ass.”

That got my attention! He poured me a shot of Maker’s Mark and our clothes started coming off.

He stretched out on the sofa and I went to work on his cock with my mouth, earning a slap on the face when I did too good of job. “Fuck, don’t make me come yet,” he said. I would stop periodically to mount and ride him, tongue fuck his ass…you know, the deluxe slut treatment. 

“Get the pussy up here,” he said. As I moved my way up, I kissed and licked his chest and neck. I lowered my incredibly wet cunt onto his face and his tongue sent me over the edge quickly. Fuck, that man knows what he’s doing. And I am so happy he does it for me.

Still somewhat euphoric from my climax, I fell into the sofa. Now on his knees, he grabbed my ankles, extended my legs and fucked his favorite slut good and hard.

As promised, about 15 minutes later, I found myself bent over the sofa, preparing for the sharp, delicious pain of his giant cock in my ass. Although I had lubricated his cock and my ass with lotion, the sting took my breath away. He shoved my head into the cushions, grabbed and slapped my ass and gloriously groaned as he filled me with another load.

Damn, I have to go play with myself now.

Take me to the river

Well, Tuesday was my birthday. Yea, me! On Monday, MYC and I had an extremely gratifying encounter at my office. His mouth was everywhere on me and it was divine. I cannot get enough.

Yesterday was all about me. MYC treated me to lunch, where we talked about everything from to work and family to my porn preferences (previously Big Black Cock, but now I have returned to Public Agent). I enjoyed some recreational products with a friend and took advantage of a few moments home alone to pull up one of the cock pics MYC had sent me the previous weekend on my iPad, turn Juan on high and wear my clit OUT! As the waves of pleasure coursed through me, I moaned and writhed, holding nothing back.

A little later, while the kids were out of the house briefly, The Husband directed me to “take your pants off and lay on the bed.” And what did this slut get but another fantastic lick o’ the puss and a fuck!!! Hot damn and happy birthday to me!

The next day, I had a meeting out of town and hit the road early. About 30 minutes into my trip, I received a “good morning” text from MYC saying he was on his way to work. “How far along are you?” he asked. I told him and he replied that we would probably meet each other on the Interstate.

Hmmmmm…what an interesting coincidence. “You know, I need to stop for a cup of coffee,” I said, using Siri to voice text, and indicated I would be exiting at the same town where he would intersect the highway. “Oh, really?!?!” he said.

I found the closest gas station/convenience store to the exit and went in to get an extra large dark-roast coffee, loaded with half and half. “Where r u?” he asked. I responded and minute later, I saw him pull into the lot and park next to my car.

My phone dinged. “Surprise,” it said. You could have knocked me over with a feather, and then tickled my clit with it!!! I walked over to his rolled-down driver-side window and expressed my delight in this unexpected encounter. We chatted for a minute before I began to feel that familiar longing for his cock and I told him so.

“If you have a few minutes, there is a park nearby that I’d like to show you,” he said. “I promise it’s close.”

This unplanned visit was heading in an appealing, possibly public-sex direction!

I followed him about for about a mile to a lovely park on a river. We parked and were disappointed to see a couple of cars already parked there. He pointed to the other side of the lot. “I was going to fuck you in that restroom over there,” he said.

That was not going to work, so we drove down to the next parking area to explore other options. He walked down a concrete path that lead to the river and motioned for me to follow him. The trail curved and ended at a landing a few feet above the riverbank. Although there was an occupied boat ramp and roadway on either side, the trees and bushes provided decent cover.

“Pull down your pants and bend over that rock,” he hissed. The cold stone was a nice sensation, as was the crisp wind off the river on my ass! The next thing I felt was his rock-hard cock searching for my slippery slit, so I reached back and guided him inside of me. After a few hard thrusts, he blew a load, pulled out and zipped up.

“Did that just happen?” I asked. “Yes, it did,” he answered, with a sly smile. We walked back to our cars. I was stunned and pretty much speechless. He had made one of my favorite sex fantasies a reality and it was fucking amazing.

“Now, you think about that as you drive with cum-soaked panties for the next two hours,” he said. We went our separate ways and I barely recall the drive to my destination.

On the way home that afternoon, I slid my fingers down my pants and found sweet relief while going 60 miles per hour down a scenic rural highway. As I neared the town where the rendezvous occurred, I took a call that necessitated taking notes, so I exited and drove down to the park. After the call ended, I walked back to the spot, took a few pics and sent one to MYC.

“Return to the scene of the crime?” he joked. Of course! I needed to get a picture for the blog. He was having a productive day, but it “certainly started out differently than I’m accustomed to!”

Differently, indeed! I could get accustomed to it.

Don’t get caught…

While I was spending the weekend with my family on a quick getaway trip, MYC had a rare bachelor weekend; he was free to play and I was in a double hotel room with my husband and kids!

On Friday, we were both working from home and had a brief text exchange, which included a comment from him that he had wrapped up and was getting in the shower. I replied that I wished I was there because I would “lather the fuck” out of him. For the rest of the day, I had fleeting thoughts of soaping up his cock and jacking him off while finger fucking his ass. Damn, it was difficult to focus on my meetings that afternoon and packing up and getting out of town with my family.

Woke up Saturday morning before everyone else and saw a couple of text messages from MYC. I responded and things got dirty pretty quickly, with talk of shower thoughts and pussy eating. He sent an amazing pic of his generously lotioned cock that literally took my breath away. I went into the bathroom and sent a tit pic, then slipped back into the bed next to my sleeping spouse. MYC jacked off and I massaged my clit and came, silently.

About 10 minutes later, my husband roused and spooned me. I could feel his hard cock on my ass and reach back to stroke it. Of course, I was beyond wet and turned on. I pulled down my panties and guided his cock inside of me. We fucked for a while, with our kids in the bed next to us (dead to the world).

“Let’s go to the bathroom,” he whispered. We quickly closed the door behind us and turned on the shower. I leaned over the toilet and he grabbed my ass hard before ramming his cock into me. I fingered myself and came again as he shot his load inside of me.

I reported back to MYC that I had just enjoyed a fuck, too.

Late that night, I checked in to see how his day had gone. He was on his way home from watching basketball at a friend’s house. My family had already gone to sleep and I was sitting in the room reading.

He arrived home, mellowed out, took off his clothes and got into bed. Fuck, I wanted to be there with him…his mouth, his cock. He let me know, in no uncertain terms, that he was in a dirty frame of mind. I wanted details and he gave them to me, along with an even more enticing picture of his cock, taken in his bed.

Two cock pics one day?! Damn, what a lucky slut! Although the real thing is always best, a picture of his delicious cock makes me crazy.

Add getting slapped around and a tremendous ass pounding to a tasty cock pic and I was about to lose my cool.

“Don’t get caught,” he cautioned, when I offered to send him a pic. I fully acknowledge that I was not thinking clearly, even though I was completely sober. He and his cock have a way of doing that to me.

Once again, I slipped into the bathroom and sent a tit pic. I wanted to send more pics of other body parts, but became paranoid about getting caught. That didn’t stop me from dirty texting, though.

He went on to express his desire to tongue fuck me and finger my ass. After getting the tit pic, that watching my pinch my nipples while he eats me makes him hot. Damn that man! I was ready to come again!

For the third time that day, I rubbed my clit and suppressed my moans as I climaxed. And many miles away, MYC envisioned doing dirty things to his whore, stroked his cock and blew a load. Fuck, how I wish I had been there to take it…in my mouth, then my pussy, then my ass. This fucking, cum-hungry whore needs her daddy to put her in her place and leave her sore and wanting for more.

New addiction

For some time, I have been addicted to MYC’s cock. Now, I am addicted to his mouth…on my clit! Oh, fuck, he makes me feel sooooooooo good and I can’t seem to shake thoughts of him between my legs.

Yesterday, he was working at the apartment and indicated a visit from me would be welcomed. I was meeting with a client nearby and would be wrapping up soon.


I let myself in and locked the door behind me. He was sitting in a leather wingback chair typing on his laptop. I slid into the matching one to his right, kicked off my heels and tucked my feet under me. He fixed a bourbon and water for both of us—the perfect libation for the occasion. We enjoyed our drinks and caught up on the last several days, which included an out-of-state family trip for him and a strangely uneventful evening with the Hot Attorney for me.

Feeling slightly buzzed, I slipped to the floor, between his legs. He quickly unzipped and pulled out his cock. “Hurry, so I can get hard in your mouth,” he whispered. Eagerly, I took him in my mouth and savored every second as his length stiffened. With my hand around his shaft, I gently licked the head, periodically stopping to stroke him. “Please don’t make me come yet,” he said, arching his neck and groaning. Sometimes, I do as I am told.

“Let me eat your pussy,” he said. I shook my head “no,” and saw disappointment register on his face. “Get over there and play with yourself, then,” he instructed. I moved to the sofa, removed my pants and panties, spread my legs and began to explore my hot, wet cunt and clit. Moments later, his tongue joined my fingers and I surrendered control. If what he does to my clit feels half as good as what I do to his cock…

As he licked and sucked, he slipped a finger in my ass, sending me absolutely over the edge. Fuck, that man can eat pussy. I am good at taking care of myself and love playing with my toys, but nothing compares to coming with his mouth on me. Meet my new addiction.

I reclined on the sofa and got tremendously pounded—my legs in the air, him grabbing my ankles. What a fucking good time.

It really is the gift that keeps on giving because every time I write about an encounter, I play with myself, forthwith. I hope you find my posts equally stimulating.

Ordinary, average day? *Updated

Don’t all middle-aged women start their day by sending a tit pic to their favorite fuck buddy? If I can elicit a “Damn u!” from MYC I know his cock his hard. And that makes me happy…and wet. In fact, I spent most of my Tuesday that way.

He had a busy day ahead, as did I, but we would text periodically, which kept my juices flowing. That he frequently referred to wanting to lick my clit was a major contributing factor to a persistent achiness between my legs. One would think that would decrease productivity. Not so. If anything, it motivates me to take care of business, in hopes that it frees up time to mess around.

In this case, it did.

As per usual, finding the time and location to connect is the biggest obstacle. Neither of our offices would work and given our intended activity, we needed more space than a vehicle.

He now has access to an apartment near my office. We have played there, briefly, once before, but can’t make a regular habit of it because people we know come and go from the area. Thankfully, that wasn’t a problem on this particular Tuesday.

When it was determined that the coast was clear, I headed to the apartment, only a block away from my office. I let myself in and locked the door behind me. He had already closed the blinds and was mixing drinks—a bourbon and water for him, bourbon and Diet Coke for me. While he wrapped up some work on his laptop, I settled into the nearest sofa, took off my bra and unbuttoned my shirt dress to partially reveal my cleavage.

He looked up from the screen. “Show me a tit,” he said. I complied, uncovering my breast, caressing my nipple with the ice-cold red Solo cup. He watched for a moment then enjoyed a lick and suck before returning to his work. As he continued composing an important document, I sipped my drink and played with myself.

“Do you think the Hot Attorney would like to join us?” he asked. I had heard from HA the day before. His family was out of state for spring break, meaning he was free to hook up. Of course, I shared this intel with MYC.

“Let me see,” I said, excitedly, and picked up my phone.

“Hey, what are you up to?” I asked. “Getting into my truck,” he answered.

“Would you be interested in dropping by for a visit with MYC and me?” I said. “Well, I am going to dinner with my mom tonight. Tell me what you’re planning to do,” he said.

I provided a succinct and kinky list of activities: pussy eating, cock sucking and fucking. “Not sure my mom would accept that as a reason to cancel dinner plans, but if you happen to do that in the next 20 minutes, call me so I can hear you come and stroke my cock,” he said. “I love to hear you.”

Apparently, I became quite animated during the call. When I put down the phone, MYC commented, “You sure are giddy.” Yeah, I was. Although we weren’t going to add a third person to our party, talking dirty to one man while in the company of another had me even MORE turned on, which I didn’t think was possible.

At last, MYC finished the document, attached it to a message, hit “send” and we were able to get down to more important business.

The bourbon had kicked in and we quickly dispatched our clothing to the floor. He stood before me with that magnificent cock at mouth level. I gingerly licked the tip before taking as much as I could in my mouth. When I gagged, he slapped me hard. “Take it all, you fucking slut,” he growled. I relaxed my throat and he pushed deeper. When I reached my limit, I back off and gently bit his shaft. “Don’t fucking bite me, bitch,” he hissed and slapped me again. I looked up, eyes wild and wanting more.

“Let’s see how wet that puss is,” he said. “Fuuuuuuuuuck,” was his response when his fingers found my dripping cunt. I reclined and spread my legs and his tongue quickly found its way to my hard and throbbing clit.

With each lick, I felt the pleasure build and the thought of calling HA became a fleeting memory. I pinched my nipples as hard as I could while he performed his magic, coaxing me into a sublime and magnificent climax.

He let me taste my juices with a brief, but exhilarating, kiss, then satisfied my day-long craving for his cock with a tremendous fuck.

Not even close to spent, we continued our dirty talk. Before long, I was on my knees, face deep in the cushions, getting pounded from behind, fingering myself until we both came again.

It was an extraordinary, above-average day for this slut.

‘Facial’ tissue

I went through half a box of facial (pun intended) tissue at my office last Friday.

Earlier in the week, the Hot Attorney called to say he needed to do some “legal research” at the law school library. This is code for: my cock needs you. He wanted to know my availability, should he reserve a study room for a couple of hours that afternoon. Uh, yeah, of course!

When Friday rolled around, he called to see if we were still “on” and I informed him that I would have the office to myself all afternoon and suggested that he visit me there. MYC and I had been texting a little and I told him HA was dropping by for some fun.

When he arrived, wearing jeans, a long-sleeved Polo and his hipster glasses, I thought to myself, “Damn, he looks just like Chris Hemsworth in Ghosbusters and I want to eat him UP.” So, I did.

On my knees, I licked and sucked his gorgeous cock for a few minutes before he decided it was time to cum. He pushed my head back with his left hand, stroked his cock with his right hand and blew an enormous load on my face, his number-one favorite thing to do.

About 10 tissues later, my face, tits and the floor were cum free.

He looked at his watch and apologized for having to run; he had a meeting in 10 minutes. “No worries,” I said. “Now that you know where to find me, you should visit again.”

I hope I can lure him back for another threesome with Mr. Yummy Cock.

Speaking of MYC, I let him know that HA and I had enjoyed a quick encounter and he indicated that he was interested in stopping by. He wanted to know had I gotten off with HA. “Nope,” I replied. He was going to remedy that. Fuck, yes!

When it was all said and done, he had broken a plastic ruler while swatting my tits, eaten my pussy, fucked me in the ass and then fucked me again!!!! We went through at least 20 more tissues.

Damn, that man can pleasure me in every single way. That tongue, those fingers, that cock. “I love to eat pussy,” he said, before burying his face between my legs. Seconds later, I came. Fuck, I am a lucky slut.

It had been a while since he forced his enormous cock into my ass and the sharp pain was both overwhelming and divine. He fucked that ass HARD, too, and gave me a huge load, along with a very sore ass.

Afterward, we chatted for a few minutes. Somewhat out of the blue he said, “I am going to fuck you again.” My eyes widened. Moments later, I was bent over my office chair getting a tremendous pounding.

That afternoon, the trash can was full of cum-soaked tissue and beer bottles. When I left for the day, I carried the bag with me to the parking deck trash can. No sense in alarming or alerting the cleaning crew.

Now, I have to pick up another box of tissue.

Periodic purge

From time to time, I go through phases where I leave the world of sex blogging, for one reason or another—too busy with real life, personal drama, professional drama, etc.—and move my previous posts to my “drafts” folder for safe keeping.

When I return to WordPress and re-view my words, it’s like someone else wrote them, a lifetime ago. Many posts will never see the light of day again. Don’t be surprised, however, when a series of past encounters suddenly reappears here and a few new ones show up as well.

It’s nice to feel the urge to write about being kinky again—to write about anything, frankly. It has been too long.