Work your plan!


Hello. It has been entirely too long since I posted. And not because there hasn’t been any fun to report. To the contrary! MYC and I have explored new territory and have a new place to play.

Recently, we added golden showers to our repertoire. Why? One day, after playing at the apartment, I heard him taking a piss and my mind wandered…”Oh, I bet it would feel amazing to be on the receiving end of that.”

A couple of months passed before I broached the subject with him, via text, while he was away at a friend’s house for the weekend and likely under the influence. He was on board immediately, without hesitation. The key, of course, was logistics. It hadn’t occurred to me before, because we didn’t have access to a shower/tub. The apartment was ideal, but he changed jobs shortly thereafter, so it went away. He has his new office all to himself, and we’ve gotten seriously down and dirty there, but there’s no bathroom.

Back in the day, we fucked around at my house regularly, but that became a not-so-smart option some years ago. On rare occasions, we have violated our agreement not to play there. My strong desire to bathe in his golden shower motivated me to make it work.

And make it work I did!

At lunchtime yesterday, his vehicle was in the shop, so I picked him up and we drove to my house. Knowing that the husband has two security cameras set up (one inside and one outside), I killed the Internet and unplugged the cameras before leaving that morning. And thanks to wonderful innovations like Find Friends, I have to be extremely careful about where my phone says I am. Maintaining trust and my privacy is a delicate balancing act, but well worth it.

We arrived at my house and I went in to make sure everything was good. He followed soon thereafter. I poured myself an amaretto on ice and grabbed a beer for him. On the sofa, I stroked his increasingly hard cock through his khakis and we devised a plan while waiting on my alcohol to kick in. Cum first, then piss on me? Golden shower first? Cock sucking? Pussy eating?

We agreed on:

  • suck cock
  • eat pussy
  • fuck
  • move to tub
  • stroke cock
  • cum on tits
  • piss on slut
  • slut rubs clit
  • slut cums again

Like they say, “Plan your work; work your plan!”

With a strategy in place, I returned to the kitchen to refill my drink, kicked off my jeans (no panties), walked back to the living room and led him to my bedroom.

He quickly disrobed and instructed me to take off my top. I gladly complied, fell to my knees and took his cock between my tits for a brief titty fuck before my mouth went to work.

“Don’t make me cum yet, baby,” he whispered. “Lick those balls…I shaved them for you.” Yes, sir! I do love to lick and suck every part of him. “You are such a good slut,” he murmured, as he stroked my hair and guided my mouth below.

“Time to eat that pussy,” he said, and told me to lie on the bed, with my ass on the edge. Tenderly, he traced my slippery lips with his finger. The first touch of his mouth on my clit send a divine shock throughout. As he continued to explore, inside and out, I pinched my nipples and moaned with delight.

“Let me know when you’re ready, baby,” he said. Fuck, I was ready. He masterfully licked and sucked all the right buttons and, within seconds, had me gasping in ecstasy.

“Please fuck me, now,” I pleaded. “I need to feel you inside of me.”

After a few long, hard thrusts, he stopped. “You don’t know how hard it is for me not to cum when I fuck you…get in the bathroom,” he said.

I knelt in the tub and licked my juices from his cock until he took it in his hand. “Are you ready for this load?” he asked. I nodded and watched as he shot his delicious cum on my wanting tits. He allowed me to take the last drop on the tip with my tongue.

According to plan, I fingered my throbbing clit with one had and massaged my cum-covered tits with the other as he granted me a long and glorious shower.

I like it when a plan cums together.

The kinky digits:

  • 10 – Number of years we’ve been fucking
  • 6 – Workplaces where we’ve fucked
  • 5 – Vehicles in which I’ve blown him
  • 5 – Public parking lot blow jobs
  • 3 – Cities in which we’ve fucked
  • 2 – Golden showers
  • 1 – Threesome
  • 1 – Public/outdoor fuck

That moment when…

That moment when you’ve been writing blog posts and dirty texting with your favorite fuck buddy and are so incredibly turned on that you’re about to explode, so you slip into bed next to your sleeping husband, get out your magic bullet and find quiet release.

That moment when you did what you were told and deleted that amazing cock pic he sent you and wish to hell you had it back!

That moment when you’re lying in bed, envisioning him standing over you, stroking his cock and blowing a load on your tits, going to town on your clit with your Magic Wand.

That moment when you think you need to find a 12-step program for cock addiction.

In the moment

Yesterday day was one of those rare times when MYC and I had an extended amount of time to play at the apartment. I left fulfilled and content.

I could expend the effort to take screen shots of our text exchange leading up to the encounter and try to recount every detail in a blog post, but I’m not going to do so. Rather, I am going to reside in the happiness and satisfaction it provided.

After nine years of fucking around, we still enjoying pleasuring each other.

How I crave his tongue on my clit, his mouth on mine, his cock inside of me.

It thrills me to suck his cock, tongue fuck his ass, take his load.

We are dirty and rough, occasionally tender.

He li

I covet his company and conversation.

He is kindly indulgent.

Assume the position

img_2341I am having the hardest damn time writing this post. It’s certainly NOT because I lack inspiration. Quite the opposite!

After a lengthy hiatus from any tongue-on-clit action, I was in desperate need of some special attention from MYC “down there.”

Fuck, I love how much that man loves to eat pussy. I’m not sure it’s possible for him to get his fill. God knows, I am happy to help satisfy that need.

I had the office to myself last week, providing a somewhat safe location. There had almost been a close call at the apartment last week, so it was good to have an alternative.

When he arrived, I had “assumed the position”—lying on the conference room table, pants and panties off, with my legs spread.

He closed and locked the conference room door and revealed his massive, hard cock. I licked and stroked it a few times before sat down and went to work on me. Each bite on my inner thigh sent lightning bolts and the first touch of his mouth on my throbbing clit, spawned a tempest.

“Absence makes the heart grow fonder,” they say. It makes my clit a ravenous whore! I held out as long as I could—wishing and wanting it to last so much longer. When I relented, I was rewarded with magnificent relief and satisfaction.


Best bon voyage

After writing yesterday’s post, I was in dire need of a hard fuck. And it didn’t help that MYC and I had been exchanging some dirty texts. The Husband had a shit day at work, so he went to bed early and closed the door, so no play for Kinky. 

Take me to the river

Well, Tuesday was my birthday. Yea, me! On Monday, MYC and I had an extremely gratifying encounter at my office. His mouth was everywhere on me and it was divine. I cannot get enough.

Yesterday was all about me. MYC treated me to lunch, where we talked about everything from to work and family to my porn preferences (previously Big Black Cock, but now I have returned to Public Agent). I enjoyed some recreational products with a friend and took advantage of a few moments home alone to pull up one of the cock pics MYC had sent me the previous weekend on my iPad, turn Juan on high and wear my clit OUT! As the waves of pleasure coursed through me, I moaned and writhed, holding nothing back.

A little later, while the kids were out of the house briefly, The Husband directed me to “take your pants off and lay on the bed.” And what did this slut get but another fantastic lick o’ the puss and a fuck!!! Hot damn and happy birthday to me!

The next day, I had a meeting out of town and hit the road early. About 30 minutes into my trip, I received a “good morning” text from MYC saying he was on his way to work. “How far along are you?” he asked. I told him and he replied that we would probably meet each other on the Interstate.

Hmmmmm…what an interesting coincidence. “You know, I need to stop for a cup of coffee,” I said, using Siri to voice text, and indicated I would be exiting at the same town where he would intersect the highway. “Oh, really?!?!” he said.

I found the closest gas station/convenience store to the exit and went in to get an extra large dark-roast coffee, loaded with half and half. “Where r u?” he asked. I responded and minute later, I saw him pull into the lot and park next to my car.

My phone dinged. “Surprise,” it said. You could have knocked me over with a feather, and then tickled my clit with it!!! I walked over to his rolled-down driver-side window and expressed my delight in this unexpected encounter. We chatted for a minute before I began to feel that familiar longing for his cock and I told him so.

“If you have a few minutes, there is a park nearby that I’d like to show you,” he said. “I promise it’s close.”

This unplanned visit was heading in an appealing, possibly public-sex direction!

I followed him about for about a mile to a lovely park on a river. We parked and were disappointed to see a couple of cars already parked there. He pointed to the other side of the lot. “I was going to fuck you in that restroom over there,” he said.

That was not going to work, so we drove down to the next parking area to explore other options. He walked down a concrete path that lead to the river and motioned for me to follow him. The trail curved and ended at a landing a few feet above the riverbank. Although there was an occupied boat ramp and roadway on either side, the trees and bushes provided decent cover.

“Pull down your pants and bend over that rock,” he hissed. The cold stone was a nice sensation, as was the crisp wind off the river on my ass! The next thing I felt was his rock-hard cock searching for my slippery slit, so I reached back and guided him inside of me. After a few hard thrusts, he blew a load, pulled out and zipped up.

“Did that just happen?” I asked. “Yes, it did,” he answered, with a sly smile. We walked back to our cars. I was stunned and pretty much speechless. He had made one of my favorite sex fantasies a reality and it was fucking amazing.

“Now, you think about that as you drive with cum-soaked panties for the next two hours,” he said. We went our separate ways and I barely recall the drive to my destination.

On the way home that afternoon, I slid my fingers down my pants and found sweet relief while going 60 miles per hour down a scenic rural highway. As I neared the town where the rendezvous occurred, I took a call that necessitated taking notes, so I exited and drove down to the park. After the call ended, I walked back to the spot, took a few pics and sent one to MYC.

“Return to the scene of the crime?” he joked. Of course! I needed to get a picture for the blog. He was having a productive day, but it “certainly started out differently than I’m accustomed to!”

Differently, indeed! I could get accustomed to it.

Ever drunk order a Magic Wand for your BFF?

MYC was out of town on business last week and sent me the most delicious pic of his cock, fully erect and sufficiently lubricated. It’s worth repeating that his cock makes me absolutely wild with lust.

It was quite late and everyone else in my house had gone to bed. Sitting in a chair in the far corner of my living room, I pulled up the pic, spread my legs, rubbed and pinched my nipple and quietly fingered myself to climax. It was a much-needed release. I believe he enjoyed the same.

Over the weekend, he enjoyed getting away to his “Paradise”—a friend’s house where he feels one-hundred percent free to be himself and indulge in whichever vices he pleases, including extended dirty texting and pic exchanging sessions with me and mutual self pleasuring. Needless to say, I love it when he goes out of town. More cock pics for Kinky!

And now that I have overcome whatever bizarre reservations I used to have about getting my pussy eaten, I am often overcome at the oddest moments by thoughts of his head between my legs! You know, standing in the check-out line at the grocery store, attending a program at my kids’ school, fucking my husband, sitting at a red light, taking a shower, writing blog posts, breathing…

On Saturday night, I went out drinking with a friend and had planned staying out late at her house on ramping up the kink with MYC. Apparently, the margaritas we had were overly potent because while we were still at the restaurant, I insisted on ordering a Magic Wand for her. Have you ever opened the Amazon app on your phone and drunk ordered a sex toy for your best friend? All I can say is, “beware,” because what comes next may be ugly.

We got back to her house and, long story short, I passed out for a while, then proceeded to be quite ill. She took incredible care of me and made sure I didn’t die, which wasn’t beyond the realm of possibility. It was horrific and I apologized over and over again to her. At midnight, she handed me my phone and suggested that I text my husband to say I wouldn’t be home. It took every ounce of energy and concentration I had to compose that message. After what seemed like an eternity, I had composed a complete, properly punctuated sentence, hit send and passed out (again) on her sofa.

I awoke at 7 a.m., totally embarrassed and confused by what had taken place the night before. In 30 years of drinking, nothing like that has ever happened to me and I damn sure never want it to happen again!!! I drove home, brushed my teeth and slid into bed next to the husband, who proceeded to give me a whole-body rub down, which evolved into a full-fledged fuck. A pretty damn good one, at that!

Afterward, I fell into a deep and satisfying sleep. When I finally roused, I realized that I had gone MIA with MYC last night. Oh, the things I had planned to do with him that night (and perhaps include our friends)! So, I issued another round of apologies to MYC and our friends and decided to quite beating myself up about it. There will be other opportunities, I am sure.