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That moment when…

That moment when you’ve been writing blog posts and dirty texting with your favorite fuck buddy and are so incredibly turned on that you’re about to explode, so you slip into bed next to your sleeping husband, get out your magic bullet and find quiet release.

That moment when you did what you were told and deleted that amazing cock pic he sent you and wish to hell you had it back!

That moment when you’re lying in bed, envisioning him standing over you, stroking his cock and blowing a load on your tits, going to town on your clit with your Magic Wand.

That moment when you think you need to find a 12-step program for cock addiction.


Double-feature Friday

A couple of weeks ago, I was not a happy camper. I felt really low, had little to no energy and was nursing a badly bruised calf, knee and shin—courtesy of a bad fall while crossing a creek on a weekend hike.

See? My life isn’t always rainbows and unicorns. Even sluts get the blues. Thankfully, I am on the other side of that now.

MYC had been out of town for a few days and was going to be coming through on his way home Friday. That morning, I was working from home and indicated I would probably play with Juan the Magic Wand. “Plz wait,” he texted. Knowing he would make it worth the wait, I practiced restraint and delayed my gratification.

I had to go into the office that afternoon to finish a project, so we arranged to meet. In fact, I arrived only about 10 minutes before he did.

We chatted for a few minutes, then articles of clothing began to dot the floor and mouths and fingers began to explore.

He licked and sucked in all the right places, quickly eliciting a climax. Damn, I am so glad I got over whatever hangups I had about getting my pussy eaten. In fact, once a week is hardly enough.

I leaned over the desk, ass in the air, inviting his cock to enter my hot, swollen, soaking pussy. After a few hard thrusts and groans, he exploded inside of me. We dressed and he went on his way. I stayed another hour or so to finish my project.

The Husband texted me just before I left to let me know the kids were gone for a while. That’s code for “we can get nasty.” Well, OK! I stopped in the bathroom on the way to my car and freshened up a bit (you know, to erase traces of MYC’s delicious cum, just in case).

Within about five minutes of hitting the door, our clothes were off and we were in bed. After some tender kissing, touching and licking, he started moving down between my legs. Damn! Twice in one day?! Fuck me. I was one satisfied slut.

And you know what? I am worth it.

Sore and bruised

If you would have told me when I awoke Monday morning that I was going to have an hour-long fuck fest with MYC later that day, I would have said you’re full of shit.

Now that I have time to sit down and write about and reflect on the experience, I am still in a mild state of disbelief that it took place…at my house, in my bed.

The texting started mid-morning, so I had an inkling of an eventual hook up—one that involved me picking him up. His ride has a vanity plate that somewhat compromises his anonymity.

fullsizeoutput_1abcLast week, I had shared with him that The Husband was going to be out of town for a couple of days, implying that my house would be more or less safe for a play date. After a few years of almost weekly encounters at my house, we agreed some time ago to stop the practice. Since then, you could count on one hand the number of times we have violated that rule.

Little did I know I was going to be violated in all kinds of delicious ways that day, leaving me sore and bruised. My ideal state.

Although I had planned on working from home that day, I decided to go to the office for a little bit to check the mail, pick up my favorite cock, etc. MYC was going to drop off his car for an oil change one block away and meet me at my parking deck. That he was the one to suggest my house first that day was quite titillating. I had suggested it the previous week, but the stars did not properly align. That time, we met at the apartment.

img_4459Around noon, he let me know he was walking my way. I quickly gathered my things and headed to my car. He was waiting for me just outside the deck’s exit gate. As soon as he was seated, I reached over and caressed his cock, which hardened instantly.

We spent the 10-minute ride to my house touching, talking dirty and building tension.

When we arrived, I unlocked the door and he followed a few moments later. You know, so it wouldn’t look so obvious to anyone who might be watching. Ha! We went to the sun room (which has BIG widows that look into both neighbors’ back yards) for a few minutes, where I licked and sucked his cock, before I led him back inside to the seclusion of my bedroom. He seemed a little apprehensive, but at this point, I thought “go big or go home,” damn it! I wanted this man naked on my bed!

And that he was!!! Oh, honey, I was a happy slut.

“Get that pussy on my face,” he ordered as he stretched across the bed. As I began to grind and pinch my nipples hard, his mouth worked its magic on my swollen clit and cunt, eliciting an incredibly intense climax, the first of many.

“How mean and dirty do you want me to get?” he asked. That’s a rhetorical question, right? Of course I wanted it as mean and dirty as possible and I planned to help him get there. I know that a little biting goes a long way, so I employed that tactic and earned a few good, hard slaps that made me see stars. Bad girls need and deserved to be punished.

After pleas of “don’t make me cum yet,” he grabbed my calves and fucked me hard, releasing his load inside of me.

For the next hour or so, we continued to lick, suck, stroke, and fuck each other. I brought out the Magic Wand and used it on his cock and balls. Then I told him not to touch me, just watch, as I used Juan on myself…in my bed, where I often watch porn and think of playing with him.

I grabbed the bottle of lube from the bedside table and stroked him for a long time, causing pleasure-filled groans. “You know I would do this for you every day,” I said. “Oh, fuck yeah,” he hissed. It’s true. What man doesn’t want to know that a slut craves a daily dose of his cock?

As we began to get dressed, I remembered that there was one more bad and dirty thing I wanted from him. In the heat of the moment(s), I had forgotten about one of my favorite implements—a long piece of Masonite that The Husband and I use for spanking. MYC has broken a couple of rulers swatting my tits. I knew this sturdy tool was the right one for the job and handed it over to him with explicit instructions to whack me hard. He did so and bruises formed almost immediately. He wanted to stop, but I told him I wanted more. After a few more hits, he said, “Bitch, I am going to have to fuck you now,” and told me to bend over. When he finished, my pussy was delightfully sore and my tits deliciously bruised.

We later agreed it was one of the best Mondays, ever.


Ever drunk order a Magic Wand for your BFF?

MYC was out of town on business last week and sent me the most delicious pic of his cock, fully erect and sufficiently lubricated. It’s worth repeating that his cock makes me absolutely wild with lust.

It was quite late and everyone else in my house had gone to bed. Sitting in a chair in the far corner of my living room, I pulled up the pic, spread my legs, rubbed and pinched my nipple and quietly fingered myself to climax. It was a much-needed release. I believe he enjoyed the same.

Over the weekend, he enjoyed getting away to his “Paradise”—a friend’s house where he feels one-hundred percent free to be himself and indulge in whichever vices he pleases, including extended dirty texting and pic exchanging sessions with me and mutual self pleasuring. Needless to say, I love it when he goes out of town. More cock pics for Kinky!

And now that I have overcome whatever bizarre reservations I used to have about getting my pussy eaten, I am often overcome at the oddest moments by thoughts of his head between my legs! You know, standing in the check-out line at the grocery store, attending a program at my kids’ school, fucking my husband, sitting at a red light, taking a shower, writing blog posts, breathing…

On Saturday night, I went out drinking with a friend and had planned staying out late at her house on ramping up the kink with MYC. Apparently, the margaritas we had were overly potent because while we were still at the restaurant, I insisted on ordering a Magic Wand for her. Have you ever opened the Amazon app on your phone and drunk ordered a sex toy for your best friend? All I can say is, “beware,” because what comes next may be ugly.

We got back to her house and, long story short, I passed out for a while, then proceeded to be quite ill. She took incredible care of me and made sure I didn’t die, which wasn’t beyond the realm of possibility. It was horrific and I apologized over and over again to her. At midnight, she handed me my phone and suggested that I text my husband to say I wouldn’t be home. It took every ounce of energy and concentration I had to compose that message. After what seemed like an eternity, I had composed a complete, properly punctuated sentence, hit send and passed out (again) on her sofa.

I awoke at 7 a.m., totally embarrassed and confused by what had taken place the night before. In 30 years of drinking, nothing like that has ever happened to me and I damn sure never want it to happen again!!! I drove home, brushed my teeth and slid into bed next to the husband, who proceeded to give me a whole-body rub down, which evolved into a full-fledged fuck. A pretty damn good one, at that!

Afterward, I fell into a deep and satisfying sleep. When I finally roused, I realized that I had gone MIA with MYC last night. Oh, the things I had planned to do with him that night (and perhaps include our friends)! So, I issued another round of apologies to MYC and our friends and decided to quite beating myself up about it. There will be other opportunities, I am sure.

Take me to the river

Well, Tuesday was my birthday. Yea, me! On Monday, MYC and I had an extremely gratifying encounter at my office. His mouth was everywhere on me and it was divine. I cannot get enough.

Yesterday was all about me. MYC treated me to lunch, where we talked about everything from to work and family to my porn preferences (previously Big Black Cock, but now I have returned to Public Agent). I enjoyed some recreational products with a friend and took advantage of a few moments home alone to pull up one of the cock pics MYC had sent me the previous weekend on my iPad, turn Juan on high and wear my clit OUT! As the waves of pleasure coursed through me, I moaned and writhed, holding nothing back.

A little later, while the kids were out of the house briefly, The Husband directed me to “take your pants off and lay on the bed.” And what did this slut get but another fantastic lick o’ the puss and a fuck!!! Hot damn and happy birthday to me!

The next day, I had a meeting out of town and hit the road early. About 30 minutes into my trip, I received a “good morning” text from MYC saying he was on his way to work. “How far along are you?” he asked. I told him and he replied that we would probably meet each other on the Interstate.

Hmmmmm…what an interesting coincidence. “You know, I need to stop for a cup of coffee,” I said, using Siri to voice text, and indicated I would be exiting at the same town where he would intersect the highway. “Oh, really?!?!” he said.

I found the closest gas station/convenience store to the exit and went in to get an extra large dark-roast coffee, loaded with half and half. “Where r u?” he asked. I responded and minute later, I saw him pull into the lot and park next to my car.

My phone dinged. “Surprise,” it said. You could have knocked me over with a feather, and then tickled my clit with it!!! I walked over to his rolled-down driver-side window and expressed my delight in this unexpected encounter. We chatted for a minute before I began to feel that familiar longing for his cock and I told him so.

“If you have a few minutes, there is a park nearby that I’d like to show you,” he said. “I promise it’s close.”

This unplanned visit was heading in an appealing, possibly public-sex direction!

I followed him about for about a mile to a lovely park on a river. We parked and were disappointed to see a couple of cars already parked there. He pointed to the other side of the lot. “I was going to fuck you in that restroom over there,” he said.

That was not going to work, so we drove down to the next parking area to explore other options. He walked down a concrete path that lead to the river and motioned for me to follow him. The trail curved and ended at a landing a few feet above the riverbank. Although there was an occupied boat ramp and roadway on either side, the trees and bushes provided decent cover.

“Pull down your pants and bend over that rock,” he hissed. The cold stone was a nice sensation, as was the crisp wind off the river on my ass! The next thing I felt was his rock-hard cock searching for my slippery slit, so I reached back and guided him inside of me. After a few hard thrusts, he blew a load, pulled out and zipped up.

“Did that just happen?” I asked. “Yes, it did,” he answered, with a sly smile. We walked back to our cars. I was stunned and pretty much speechless. He had made one of my favorite sex fantasies a reality and it was fucking amazing.

“Now, you think about that as you drive with cum-soaked panties for the next two hours,” he said. We went our separate ways and I barely recall the drive to my destination.

On the way home that afternoon, I slid my fingers down my pants and found sweet relief while going 60 miles per hour down a scenic rural highway. As I neared the town where the rendezvous occurred, I took a call that necessitated taking notes, so I exited and drove down to the park. After the call ended, I walked back to the spot, took a few pics and sent one to MYC.

“Return to the scene of the crime?” he joked. Of course! I needed to get a picture for the blog. He was having a productive day, but it “certainly started out differently than I’m accustomed to!”

Differently, indeed! I could get accustomed to it.

Third time’s a charm


How is it that one moderately suggestive text message from MYC literally makes me melt into a pool of my own juices? Perhaps it’s because my wildly erotic imagination requires little to ignite.

Today, it started fairly early in the work day. By about 10 a.m., I was sitting at my desk with a deep ache and craving that I hadn’t felt in some time. He indicated a sincere urge to satisfy my desire. It was clear; he needed to fuck. More specifically, he needed to bend me over and pound the shit out of my while I rubbed my clit, took his load and then licked him clean. I love a man with a plan.

To add fuel to the fire, I sent a barely-revealing picture of my cleavage, which elicited a “Fuk u” from him. “Awwwwwwww, thanks baby…fuk you, too,” I replied. Something was going to have to go down soon or we were both going to either implode or spontaneously combust. He said if he didn’t get relief soon, he would head down the hall to the restroom and take care of business there. “Please don’t,” I begged.

At 11:30 a.m., I had a meeting out of the office that was just a couple of miles from my house. While meeting at my house is never 100 percent safe, I knew my husband was occupied with meetings all day and would not be dropping by unexpectedly.

Driving to the meeting, I texted MYC while stopped at a red light: Does Daddy need to fuck? His reply: Yes (no punctuation)

I asked him to call me and we talked through the risks of meeting at my house. In the end, I persuaded him that everything would be fine. Instead of him driving there, we met at a nearby parking lot and went together in my ride from there. The instant he sat down in the passenger side, I began stroking his cock through his khakis, which was damn hard and getting stiffer by the second.

“You ready to give this fucking slut a pounding?” I asked. “Oh, you’re going to get it hard and dirty, baby,” he growled. “When we get in that house, I want your pussy and tits OUT.”

As soon as the front door was unlocked, all the naughty parts came out…his and mine. He licked and sucked my nipples and his fingers found the aching, craving place. We both groaned with the discovery.

“Now suck this cock,” he ordered and I happily complied, licking the head gingerly at first, then taking it all. “Now, bend over.”

Walking over to the sofa, I leaned into the cushion, spread my legs apart slightly, anxious for him to guide his cock inside of me. With one handful of hair and another grabbing my ass, he soothed my ache and satisfied my craving as he fucked me HARD and filled me with his load. He continued to drive his cock deeply, releasing that guttural sound of ecstasy and relief. As promised and desired, I gently licked the cum from his cock…so delicious and gratifying.

Since I didn’t get off, I matter of factly walked into my bedroom, got Juan out of the drawer, lie down on the bed and proceeded to take care of myself, as he walked into the room to watch. He had never met Juan before, although he has heard a lot about him. I am so pleased they finally made each other’s acquaintance. Perhaps one day, we can all play together. As MYC had texted earlier: A slut can dream.

We quickly dressed and I took him back to the parking lot where we met. Mission accomplished with no collateral damage. He went about his business and I headed to my meeting. I suspect we both had content, productive afternoon. What a difference a good, old-fashioned fuck can make.

After my meeting, I ran by the house, retrieved Juan from the sock drawer and found my way to yet another wave of pleasure.

That night, my girlfriend Dawne texted me to see if I wanted to go window shopping. She picked me up and the first place we went was Adam & Eve. We love browsing at toy stores. Later, I told my husband where we’d gone and after we crawled into bed, he wanted to know, “What did you look at while you were at Adam & Eve?”

“Oh, we looked at all the bondage devices, dildos, vibrators, lingerie, lubricants, fleshlights,” I said, “And they had some really nice cock cages that I’d never seen there before. Would you like to have one of those?” He whispered, “Yes,” grabbed a handful of hair and forced me onto his cock. After only a few thrusts, he exploded into my mouth.

Oddly, I don’t swallow his cum. It’s too acidic. When I came back to bed, I got out my magic bullet and enjoyed another climax. Third time’s a charm.

A night on my own


Yesterday, I had a rare afternoon, evening and overnight to myself. The Husband and kids were away. To keep my options open, I didn’t make any plans, another rarity. I was just going to go with the flow and if nothing happened, I would be content to binge watch Rita on Netflix or catch up on my reading.

Wanting to take advantage of the sunshine after work, I grabbed a Shiner Bock, a couple of cigarettes (don’t judge) and my phone and stretched out on the chaise lounge on my semi-private deck. About 15 minutes into my sun bathing, the phone rang. It was a chipper and chatty Hot Attorney. When he found out I was alone for the evening, he asked if he could come by between work and his son’s baseball game.

“Yes, I would love to see you,” I replied. While I enjoy our trysts in the great outdoors, my house provides a little more cover and is climate controlled. This is the South. It’s hot here. Also, we wouldn’t have to rush. I do so enjoy taking my time.

He said it would be at least an hour before he could get there, so I enjoyed the sun a little longer before hopping in the shower and getting ready for his arrival. I touched up my eye liner, applied lip stain, plugged in Juan and put on a black lace push-up bra, black mini-skirt and a black button-up top, which I left mostly unbuttoned. And I retrieved the shoe box in the top of the closet that contains my bong.

Do you think I achieved a desirable effect?

Photo on 6-15-15 at 5.41 PM

More than pleasantly surprised is a good way to describe the look on his face when he opened the door. He had with him an 18-inch long (phallic) maple rolling pin that he had purchased recently and made him think of me. Immediately, he nestled it between my tits and laughed. “That looks nice,” he said. I giggled. Making me laugh is a pretty big turn on. After a little more small talk, we got down to business.

He sat on the sofa and I fell to my knees and went to work on his cock, which got hard more quickly than it does when we meet in the woods. “There really is no better blow job than yours,” he whispered. “God, you’re amazing.” Words of affirmation must be my love language because that sent me into blow job hyper drive. Creative tongue work, deep throating, gingerly biting, intense sucking…we were both getting a lot out of it. I reached the point where I needed stimulation, so I invited him to go with me to my room, where I lay on my bed and summoned Juan. Standing beside me, he leaned down to suck my nipple, almost too hard. Within seconds, Juan hit the right spot and sent me into ecstasy. This time, I was happy to have an audience.

“I need you to fuck me now,” I said, still on the bed, with my legs spread. He reached down and confirmed my readiness to accept him. I stood and leaned onto the bed and he entered me from behind. “Would you like to pull out and come on my ass?” I asked. “How about I come in your ass?” he said. Wow. He and I had never done that before.

“Yes, I would like that,” I said and reached for some oil to ease the process, which it did. After about a dozen slightly and deliciously painful thrusts, he grabbed my ass (again…a little too hard) and erupted.

Sitting on the sofa afterward, I commented that I liked anal sex because the lingering soreness is a nice reminder of recent good and kinky times. He replied that he wasn’t really into the pain thing because he didn’t know when “Ohhhh, it hurts” is dirty talk or “stop it, motherfucker, that really hurts” talk. I told him we’d come up with a safe word and winked.

Since Juan was already out and plugged in, I enjoyed another session with him and some Big Black Cock after the Hot Attorney went on his merry way.

Later that night, I received a text from MYC, who was out of town for a work-related event. He asked how my evening had gone…did I have any visitors? Yes, I did have company, I told him. He wanted to know “Where’d you take it?” “Ass,” I answered.





It was 11:27 p.m. when he called. “What are you doing?,” he asked. “Laying naked on my bed,” I said. Turns out, he was doing the same. What a coincidence.

“I’m rubbing the precum on the tip of my cock with my index finger, getting ready to put some lotion on it,” he said.

I put Juan on the phone so MYC could hear what was about to go down (pun intended) on my end (again, pun intended). Then I told MYC how the Hot Attorney had fucked me, that I hadn’t been fucked in the ass since the last time he did it in November, that I wanted him to bend me over and fuck the shit out of me. Just as he was blowing his load, I came for the third time.

What a fabulous Monday.