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Take-off text

Before MYC would send me a cock pic on Wednesday, he told me, “You can’t keep it…” Fuck. I promised to be a good girl and was rewarded with a close up of his right hand wrapped around that delicious shaft. After a crescendo of dirty texts, he blew a load in his hotel room and I slipped into bed next to my sleeping husband and used my magic bullet to find quiet release.

Thursday night’s text exchange with MYC heated me to a fever pitch, ending with The Husband getting a phenomenal cock sucking, another magic bullet session for me and a fine fuck. Pure collateral damage.

Just as MYC’s plane was taking off for home on Friday afternoon, he texted, “I wish I had an extra 10 minutes,” ostensibly to hook up for a blow job. But he had a dinner to attend and needed to hit the road as soon as he landed.

“Fuck you,” I replied, and followed up with “5?!” and “3?!” Hell, I could rock his world in two minutes.

Alas, no MYC minutes for Kinky. For now…


Damn that blog

My friend Aaron periodically reads Kinky’s blog for a little “inspiration.” When I need inspiration, I usually open an Incognito window in Google Chrome (since my super-tech-savvy kids can probably read my browsing history on some wireless network I don’t even know we have) and search “big black cock gay porn.”

The other night, I told the husband that’s what I liked to watch and he said, “Makes sense to me. Just like guys like to look at girl-on-girl stuff.” Yep! That’s it. I love cock SO MUCH, especially BIG ONES, that my porn preference is ALL COCKS. And perhaps I have a wee bit (see what I did there?!) of penis envy. Ok, I have serious penis envy. My husband says I’d never take my hands off it if I had one (he would know).

Except for a couple of steamy encounters with MYC, however, my kink has centered mostly around watching porn and playing with my new California Exotics bullet. I like to use one bullet on my clit and the other one on my nipple. It never takes long. In fact, I used it tonight while my kids were at Scouts and the husband was at a church meeting.

I bought it not long ago during the throes of a particularly hot text exchange with MYC that started at my office, took me to a nearby adult toy store and ended with me coming in a deserted parking lot near my house. Juan (my Magic Wand) is an excellent toy, but he makes a lot of noise and is not the least bit portable or discreet. And the previous bullet I had purchased was a complete DUD. Who has time for that?!

Things have been “off” with the husband lately and I can’t pinpoint why. In a way, I’m not sure I care. Our lives are so hectic right now, I can’t set aside the energy to worry about it. I’ll think about that tomorrow…after all, tomorrow is another day.