Next time…


“Next time…definitely,” I said, with a drunk smile, then closed the passenger-side door and walked to my car.

In the minutes before I stepped out of his ride, we were touching, exploring, kissing and contemplating something more.

“God, those lips…those breasts,” he sighed and pulled my mouth to his for a long, deep kiss. Damn, I’d forgotten how much fun it was to kiss him.

The best make-out session I ever had was with him in a restaurant parking lot where he worked back in the day. Aaron and I have been friends for a long time. One summer, we fucked around a little, but that didn’t go anywhere and we remained friends—the kind that can go weeks or months without talking to each other and pick up right where we left off.

He knows a lot about my kinky escapades and has even read a previous incarnation of this blog. We often talk openly and honestly about marriage, parenting, sex toys, pornography, masturbating, fucking…all things naughty. It’s so liberating.

Earlier this week, we met at the mall and rode together in his car to a music festival that we’d been looking forward to for weeks. I excitedly jumped into his truck and he gave me a big bear hug. This was going to be excellent.

Five fucking awesome acts, countless beers and a short drive later, we arrived back at my car. He put it in park, left the engine running and we chatted for a while (some kinky topics, some not). After about 20 minutes, he smiled and said, “You have always been so much fun. We can talk about anything.”

And then…BOOM. We started kissing like a couple of horny teenagers. It was about time! We have been on the verge of intimate contact many times before, but one or both of us would chicken out.

Not this time.

He slid his hand under my top and groaned as he grabbed a handful. I pulled down my bra and he greedily licked and sucked my engorged nipple. “Oh, damn…those tits,” he said, and had another taste.

Timidly, I reached across the console and began gingerly grazing his burgeoning cock through his jeans. “Fuckkkkkkkkkkk,” he said, arching back in the seat.

For what seemed like 10 minutes, we kissed, touched and considered our options. “What do you want?” I asked. “I want those lips around my cock,” he said. “I would like that,” I replied.

Something didn’t seem right, though. We both hesitated, although we continued touching and exploring. “I don’t know…” he said. “I understand…it’s all good,” I said.

“Next time?” he asked. “Next time…definitely,” I replied. We kissed, said good bye and parted ways.


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