One and done?

Last week, the Hot Attorney called while I was in the car with my kids. His named popped up on the dashboard screen (love/hate that Bluetooth interface) and they asked, “Who’s John Ford?” I just hit the red hang up button and ignored their question. Late Monday afternoon, the Husband and I were driving to an out-of-town event and he called again. Thankfully, the Husband’s phone was connected to the car, not mine. I quickly dismissed the call and silenced my phone.

When he called on Tuesday, I was at work and could answer the phone. He was in BAD need of a blow job and asked if I would be available later in the week. “Sure,” I said, and figured we’d hook up on Friday. This morning, my phone rang at 8:30 a.m.! We chatted for a minute and I said I would call him later. Well, later rolled around and he called me to say that he was going to the law library. I had just left the office and said I would head that way. Just as I parked, MYC sent a text asking how my day was going. I told him I was stopping by the law library “brief-ly” [groan]. He knew what was about to go down (me…on a cock) and said if I needed to come later, to let him know. MYC always takes care of me. The Hot Attorney? Not so much. But he is still a lot of fun. fullsizeoutput_1a76

In the end, I saw, I sucked, he came. One and done, right? Except I wasn’t done; I needed more. And I knew where I could get it, at least where I wanted to get it. If you recall, I have recently developed a…well…should we call it an addiction? Unequivocally. I am addicted to that man’s mouth and fingers on, in and around my pussy! And then there’s what his cock does to me. We’ve already gone over (and over…and over) that. Last night, MYC promised that he had saved a good load for me and I desperately wanted it as well!

fullsizeoutput_1a7cAfter a few texts, it appeared we were on the same page and soon needed to be in the same room!

My office was occupied, so we agreed to meet at the apartment. He told me to let him know when I arrived, so I sent him a text when I parked. Quietly, I walked through the courtyard and let myself in, locking the door behind me. I walked a few steps into the apartment and whispered, “Hello?” He walked around the corner, buck-ass naked with his rock-hard cock. Oh, fuck yes. “Come to daddy,” he said. I fell to my knees and greedily licked and sucked my daddy’s delicious cock before he made me stop. “Time to eat that pussy,” he said.

Yes, sir. Clothes off, ass on sofa, legs spread. “I am just going to take my time down here,” he said, and began kissing, biting and stroking my inner thighs, sending intense chills throughout my body. With each touch, I gasped and called out to a higher power. I have never experienced such exquisite attention and had no idea that the best was yet to come. His fingers gently explored in and around every hole, causing every muscle to quiver. My whole body was shivering in anticipation; I had no control of my physical response to his touch! When his mouth consumed my throbbing clit and his fingers fucked me hard, I surrendered control and allowed the pleasure to flood over me as never before.

Of course, there’s more to this story, but I am so sleepy and incredibly turned on right now. The Husband is out of town on business, so I am going to get out my magic bullet, pleasure myself and fall fast asleep with visions of MYC taking care of his favorite slut.




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