Tumescent Tuesday


The other day, I was looking for a word that started with T-U to use as an adjective with Tuesday and ran across this gem. It may be my all-time favorite word because it captures the essence of sexual arousal and the language that often leads to it.

Yesterday was certainly a Tumescent Tuesday for yours truly…and also a timid one. MYC and I agreed to meet at my place of business for an after-hours play date, after texting and sexting off and on throughout the day, including a few soapy tit pics from the shower and one clit shot (I had the day off but he was hard at work). He poured us each a bourbon and water and we proceeded into my office. We visited for a few minutes before he announced that he was going to take off all of his clothes, which was certainly OK with me. He instructed me to take my pants off, sit in the chair opposite him, spread my legs and rub my clit, while he sat and watched…stroking his massive, hard cock.

“I wish I could watch you play with yourself while I was getting my cock sucked,” he said. “Maybe if your friend Dawne was here, she could suck me as I watch you.” For a few months, on occasion, her name has been part of our kinky talk. Dawne is a close, single friend of mine who is in the market for fun and I have actually mentioned MYC to her as someone who is a bonafide good time. She has protested the suggestion, but I still bring it up from time to time. My biggest fear is that involving her could negatively affect our close relationship. No amount of fun is worth that, so I am proceeding carefully. But damn, that man has plenty of cock to share and I know she’d enjoy getting to play with it. Sorry to be a Debbie Downer there. Back to the fun…

MYC did NOT proceed carefully when he got on his knees in front of me to do what he does so well. The second his tongue touched me, everything tingled. His fingers glided easily in and out of my soaking twat and once they were sufficiently wet, he slid one into my ass and quickly coaxed me into a tremendous release. It was sheer, unbridled ecstasy seeing him between my legs and letting him masterfully tend to my needs.

“I want your tongue in my mouth,” I begged. He obliged. Tasting my juices while our tongues entwined was remarkably spectacular. I could do that all day, every day. The best part about revisiting this while I write is the dull ache I feel in my pussy and ass…a lingering reminder of yesterday’s fun and a longing for more. Tumescent.

Then, it was his turn in “the chair.” I couldn’t wait to get my hands and mouth on that cock. Honestly, I was overwhelmed with the choices I had available, so I did a little of everything…stroking, licking, sucking, sliding between my tits…so gratifying.

“Take your shirt off,” he said. “I want you to be naked with me.” My eyes betrayed my apprehension. “Look at me,” he said, tenderly. “Everything is good, OK?” I hadn’t had quite enough to drink to allow myself to be exposed so completely…become that vulnerable. But I trust him, so I slipped out of my top.

“Where do you want me to cum because I’m about to blow.” he said. That’s always a loaded question. I can never decide. I want it all…in my mouth, on my tits, in my pussy, in my ass. I want his cum. Period. “Lie down,” he said. I lay on the floor, desperately aching for his cock inside of me. He guided his hot, throbbing flesh between my legs, grabbed two fists full of my hair, pulled my head and arched my neck. With each thrust, his balls slapped into my ass, still sore from his finger. “You fucking, cock-sucking whore,” he whispered into my ear as he filled me. Yes, sir. I am. Tumescent.


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