About midway through Wednesday’s conference call, it occurred to me that my coworker and I occupied the same end of the conference room table where, on Monday, I lay with my legs spread, where MYC conferred upon me his masterful maneuverings.

That day began with a friendly exchange of texts about the weekend, a job I applied for and other benign subjects. At some point, of course, the conversation took a kinky turn. It’s Pavlovian, really. When I see a text notification from him, I get wet.

I advised that I was going to have the office to myself in the late afternoon and he proposed an enticing pursuit.


When he indicated that he was on his way, I quickly removed my bra and panties, positioned myself on the conference room table and queued up some Big Black Cock porn. I let him know that I was rubbing my clit and he asked me not to come. I obliged, knowing that he was going to take care of that for me.

With a series of dings, my phone alerted me of his texts announcing his proximity to my wanting puss: “crossing Fletcher St…parking…on the elevator.”

Hearing him come through the door and lock it is an integral part of the sensual prelude. I quiver in anticipation of what comes next.

“Oh, fuck, yes,” he murmured, as he sat in the chair and satisfied my desire to feel his mouth on my clit and cunt. He has an insatiable capacity for eating pussy and I am beyond happy to help service this need.

After my climax, he stood and pulled out his rock-hard cock. He eased the head into me, pulled out and gently pressed it against my ass. As he repeated these steps, he whispered, “Where do I want to fuck my slut?”

I knew the answer.

After lubricating his cock with my ample juices, he slowly entered my ass. “Relax,” he instructed. I did as he said and welcomed his extraordinary length. As I pinched my nipples and groaned in exquisite pain, he pounded me and exploded in relief.



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