Hooked on a feeling

fullsizeoutput_1b1aThe one drawback about fucking around in my office is that it shares a wall with the suite next door, occupied by a really loud and obnoxious woman. And if I can hear her phone conversations, there’s no telling what comes through the wall from my side. Lots of moaning and groaning!

The first time MYC came by to play last week, I decided we needed a venue change and relocated to the conference room, which has a 10-person table, TV and nice rolling chairs.

I closed the blinds, sent a tit pic, got a beer, turned on the TV for some background noise, grabbed the ruler from my desk, sat on the table with my legs crossed and waited.

He came in and locked the deadbolt. “I was thinking we should try a different spot,” he said, as he entered the conference room and closed the door behind him.

We were 100 percent sound proof in there. He sat down at the end of the table where I was sitting. As he told me about some stressful work-related stuff, I lightly traced the bulge in his pants with the tip of the ruler and slowly removed my clothes. Once my tits were exposed, he grabbed the ruler and hit my nipples…HARD! He is so good to me. After several intense swats on my nipples and tits, he instructed me to take off my pants, slide my ass to the edge and spread my legs. Yes, sir!

As it turns out, that conference room table is perfect pussy-eating height! He gently bit my inner thighs and worked his way to my swollen, throbbing clit, while his fingers slid up and down my slippery slit, periodically finding their way further south, sending a shiver throughout my already sensation-filled body.

I savor every second that I feel his mouth and fingers on me and am able to summon the delight when I enjoy time alone. Although my memory isn’t what it used to be, my sensory and imagery recall are in fine working order. Fuck, that man has me hooked on a feeling—the complete release of ultimate pleasure elicited by his attentive mouth.

When it’s my turn, I believe (hope) my performance and service to his amazing cock are equally gratifying.

After my climax, I leaned my head back, over the edge of the table, and took as much of his cock as I could. He fucked my mouth and then spread his ass so I could turn my attention to his delicious hole, making him hiss and curse. Oh, how I relish those harsh and throaty growls.

When it was time for him to cum, I turned over on my back and slid my ass slightly over the table edge, extending my legs upward. He grabbed my ankles and proceeded to give his slut an incredible pounding.

“Easy,” he whispered, as I licked the last few drops of cum from the tip of his cock. Yeah, I am totally hooked on that, too.


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