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While at an out-of-town meeting on Wednesday, the Hot Attorney called (he never leaves a voice mail and NEVER texts). On the way home, I rang him and learned that he had been to the law library earlier and wanted me to join him. Damn! A missed opportunity.

He said he would likely have some free time on Friday afternoon and would like to get on my cock-sucking calendar. He knows my dance card stays pretty full. We penciled it in and I agreed to call him then.

Friday morning rolled around and I was enjoying working from home, after, of course, plugging in Juan, watching some porn and getting off a couple of times. Don’t you take advantage of time alone to pleasure yourself? If not, I highly recommend it.

My office was going to be unoccupied that afternoon, so we agreed to meet there around 4 p.m. MYC and I had been texting off and on all morning and he expressed that he hoped I had some fun that day. I told him that was likely going to happen! And about five minutes after the Hot Attorney arrived at my office, MYC sent a text asking if I had gotten to be a bad girl and I informed him that it was just about to go down.

HA stood, pulled out his cock and I went to work. When he coaxed out some precum and rubbed it onto my nipple, I took a pic and sent it to MYC. Sharing is caring.

When it was all said and done, I was lying on the floor, with the HA astride me. He jacked off and came on my tits (and hair…and carpet…ha!). What a way to wrap up my birthday week! Over the weekend, I told MYC all about my day, an incredible turn on for both of us.

On Monday morning, the exchange continued.

Throughout the morning, the tension built, culminating in a lunch-time encounter at the apartment that began with him saying, “We are going to do three things: I am going to eat your pussy, fuck you, then wait for little while and fuck you in the ass.”

That got my attention! He poured me a shot of Maker’s Mark and our clothes started coming off.

He stretched out on the sofa and I went to work on his cock with my mouth, earning a slap on the face when I did too good of job. “Fuck, don’t make me come yet,” he said. I would stop periodically to mount and ride him, tongue fuck his ass…you know, the deluxe slut treatment. 

“Get the pussy up here,” he said. As I moved my way up, I kissed and licked his chest and neck. I lowered my incredibly wet cunt onto his face and his tongue sent me over the edge quickly. Fuck, that man knows what he’s doing. And I am so happy he does it for me.

Still somewhat euphoric from my climax, I fell into the sofa. Now on his knees, he grabbed my ankles, extended my legs and fucked his favorite slut good and hard.

As promised, about 15 minutes later, I found myself bent over the sofa, preparing for the sharp, delicious pain of his giant cock in my ass. Although I had lubricated his cock and my ass with lotion, the sting took my breath away. He shoved my head into the cushions, grabbed and slapped my ass and gloriously groaned as he filled me with another load.

Damn, I have to go play with myself now.


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