Don’t get caught…

While I was spending the weekend with my family on a quick getaway trip, MYC had a rare bachelor weekend; he was free to play and I was in a double hotel room with my husband and kids!

On Friday, we were both working from home and had a brief text exchange, which included a comment from him that he had wrapped up and was getting in the shower. I replied that I wished I was there because I would “lather the fuck” out of him. For the rest of the day, I had fleeting thoughts of soaping up his cock and jacking him off while finger fucking his ass. Damn, it was difficult to focus on my meetings that afternoon and packing up and getting out of town with my family.

Woke up Saturday morning before everyone else and saw a couple of text messages from MYC. I responded and things got dirty pretty quickly, with talk of shower thoughts and pussy eating. He sent an amazing pic of his generously lotioned cock that literally took my breath away. I went into the bathroom and sent a tit pic, then slipped back into the bed next to my sleeping spouse. MYC jacked off and I massaged my clit and came, silently.

About 10 minutes later, my husband roused and spooned me. I could feel his hard cock on my ass and reach back to stroke it. Of course, I was beyond wet and turned on. I pulled down my panties and guided his cock inside of me. We fucked for a while, with our kids in the bed next to us (dead to the world).

“Let’s go to the bathroom,” he whispered. We quickly closed the door behind us and turned on the shower. I leaned over the toilet and he grabbed my ass hard before ramming his cock into me. I fingered myself and came again as he shot his load inside of me.

I reported back to MYC that I had just enjoyed a fuck, too.

Late that night, I checked in to see how his day had gone. He was on his way home from watching basketball at a friend’s house. My family had already gone to sleep and I was sitting in the room reading.

He arrived home, mellowed out, took off his clothes and got into bed. Fuck, I wanted to be there with him…his mouth, his cock. He let me know, in no uncertain terms, that he was in a dirty frame of mind. I wanted details and he gave them to me, along with an even more enticing picture of his cock, taken in his bed.

Two cock pics one day?! Damn, what a lucky slut! Although the real thing is always best, a picture of his delicious cock makes me crazy.

Add getting slapped around and a tremendous ass pounding to a tasty cock pic and I was about to lose my cool.

“Don’t get caught,” he cautioned, when I offered to send him a pic. I fully acknowledge that I was not thinking clearly, even though I was completely sober. He and his cock have a way of doing that to me.

Once again, I slipped into the bathroom and sent a tit pic. I wanted to send more pics of other body parts, but became paranoid about getting caught. That didn’t stop me from dirty texting, though.

He went on to express his desire to tongue fuck me and finger my ass. After getting the tit pic, that watching my pinch my nipples while he eats me makes him hot. Damn that man! I was ready to come again!

For the third time that day, I rubbed my clit and suppressed my moans as I climaxed. And many miles away, MYC envisioned doing dirty things to his whore, stroked his cock and blew a load. Fuck, how I wish I had been there to take it…in my mouth, then my pussy, then my ass. This fucking, cum-hungry whore needs her daddy to put her in her place and leave her sore and wanting for more.


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