New addiction

For some time, I have been addicted to MYC’s cock. Now, I am addicted to his mouth…on my clit! Oh, fuck, he makes me feel sooooooooo good and I can’t seem to shake thoughts of him between my legs.

Yesterday, he was working at the apartment and indicated a visit from me would be welcomed. I was meeting with a client nearby and would be wrapping up soon.


I let myself in and locked the door behind me. He was sitting in a leather wingback chair typing on his laptop. I slid into the matching one to his right, kicked off my heels and tucked my feet under me. He fixed a bourbon and water for both of us—the perfect libation for the occasion. We enjoyed our drinks and caught up on the last several days, which included an out-of-state family trip for him and a strangely uneventful evening with the Hot Attorney for me.

Feeling slightly buzzed, I slipped to the floor, between his legs. He quickly unzipped and pulled out his cock. “Hurry, so I can get hard in your mouth,” he whispered. Eagerly, I took him in my mouth and savored every second as his length stiffened. With my hand around his shaft, I gently licked the head, periodically stopping to stroke him. “Please don’t make me come yet,” he said, arching his neck and groaning. Sometimes, I do as I am told.

“Let me eat your pussy,” he said. I shook my head “no,” and saw disappointment register on his face. “Get over there and play with yourself, then,” he instructed. I moved to the sofa, removed my pants and panties, spread my legs and began to explore my hot, wet cunt and clit. Moments later, his tongue joined my fingers and I surrendered control. If what he does to my clit feels half as good as what I do to his cock…

As he licked and sucked, he slipped a finger in my ass, sending me absolutely over the edge. Fuck, that man can eat pussy. I am good at taking care of myself and love playing with my toys, but nothing compares to coming with his mouth on me. Meet my new addiction.

I reclined on the sofa and got tremendously pounded—my legs in the air, him grabbing my ankles. What a fucking good time.

It really is the gift that keeps on giving because every time I write about an encounter, I play with myself, forthwith. I hope you find my posts equally stimulating.


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