Ordinary, average day? *Updated

Don’t all middle-aged women start their day by sending a tit pic to their favorite fuck buddy? If I can elicit a “Damn u!” from MYC I know his cock his hard. And that makes me happy…and wet. In fact, I spent most of my Tuesday that way.

He had a busy day ahead, as did I, but we would text periodically, which kept my juices flowing. That he frequently referred to wanting to lick my clit was a major contributing factor to a persistent achiness between my legs. One would think that would decrease productivity. Not so. If anything, it motivates me to take care of business, in hopes that it frees up time to mess around.

In this case, it did.

As per usual, finding the time and location to connect is the biggest obstacle. Neither of our offices would work and given our intended activity, we needed more space than a vehicle.

He now has access to an apartment near my office. We have played there, briefly, once before, but can’t make a regular habit of it because people we know come and go from the area. Thankfully, that wasn’t a problem on this particular Tuesday.

When it was determined that the coast was clear, I headed to the apartment, only a block away from my office. I let myself in and locked the door behind me. He had already closed the blinds and was mixing drinks—a bourbon and water for him, bourbon and Diet Coke for me. While he wrapped up some work on his laptop, I settled into the nearest sofa, took off my bra and unbuttoned my shirt dress to partially reveal my cleavage.

He looked up from the screen. “Show me a tit,” he said. I complied, uncovering my breast, caressing my nipple with the ice-cold red Solo cup. He watched for a moment then enjoyed a lick and suck before returning to his work. As he continued composing an important document, I sipped my drink and played with myself.

“Do you think the Hot Attorney would like to join us?” he asked. I had heard from HA the day before. His family was out of state for spring break, meaning he was free to hook up. Of course, I shared this intel with MYC.

“Let me see,” I said, excitedly, and picked up my phone.

“Hey, what are you up to?” I asked. “Getting into my truck,” he answered.

“Would you be interested in dropping by for a visit with MYC and me?” I said. “Well, I am going to dinner with my mom tonight. Tell me what you’re planning to do,” he said.

I provided a succinct and kinky list of activities: pussy eating, cock sucking and fucking. “Not sure my mom would accept that as a reason to cancel dinner plans, but if you happen to do that in the next 20 minutes, call me so I can hear you come and stroke my cock,” he said. “I love to hear you.”

Apparently, I became quite animated during the call. When I put down the phone, MYC commented, “You sure are giddy.” Yeah, I was. Although we weren’t going to add a third person to our party, talking dirty to one man while in the company of another had me even MORE turned on, which I didn’t think was possible.

At last, MYC finished the document, attached it to a message, hit “send” and we were able to get down to more important business.

The bourbon had kicked in and we quickly dispatched our clothing to the floor. He stood before me with that magnificent cock at mouth level. I gingerly licked the tip before taking as much as I could in my mouth. When I gagged, he slapped me hard. “Take it all, you fucking slut,” he growled. I relaxed my throat and he pushed deeper. When I reached my limit, I back off and gently bit his shaft. “Don’t fucking bite me, bitch,” he hissed and slapped me again. I looked up, eyes wild and wanting more.

“Let’s see how wet that puss is,” he said. “Fuuuuuuuuuck,” was his response when his fingers found my dripping cunt. I reclined and spread my legs and his tongue quickly found its way to my hard and throbbing clit.

With each lick, I felt the pleasure build and the thought of calling HA became a fleeting memory. I pinched my nipples as hard as I could while he performed his magic, coaxing me into a sublime and magnificent climax.

He let me taste my juices with a brief, but exhilarating, kiss, then satisfied my day-long craving for his cock with a tremendous fuck.

Not even close to spent, we continued our dirty talk. Before long, I was on my knees, face deep in the cushions, getting pounded from behind, fingering myself until we both came again.

It was an extraordinary, above-average day for this slut.


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