‘Facial’ tissue

I went through half a box of facial (pun intended) tissue at my office last Friday.

Earlier in the week, the Hot Attorney called to say he needed to do some “legal research” at the law school library. This is code for: my cock needs you. He wanted to know my availability, should he reserve a study room for a couple of hours that afternoon. Uh, yeah, of course!

When Friday rolled around, he called to see if we were still “on” and I informed him that I would have the office to myself all afternoon and suggested that he visit me there. MYC and I had been texting a little and I told him HA was dropping by for some fun.

When he arrived, wearing jeans, a long-sleeved Polo and his hipster glasses, I thought to myself, “Damn, he looks just like Chris Hemsworth in Ghosbusters and I want to eat him UP.” So, I did.

On my knees, I licked and sucked his gorgeous cock for a few minutes before he decided it was time to cum. He pushed my head back with his left hand, stroked his cock with his right hand and blew an enormous load on my face, his number-one favorite thing to do.

About 10 tissues later, my face, tits and the floor were cum free.

He looked at his watch and apologized for having to run; he had a meeting in 10 minutes. “No worries,” I said. “Now that you know where to find me, you should visit again.”

I hope I can lure him back for another threesome with Mr. Yummy Cock.

Speaking of MYC, I let him know that HA and I had enjoyed a quick encounter and he indicated that he was interested in stopping by. He wanted to know had I gotten off with HA. “Nope,” I replied. He was going to remedy that. Fuck, yes!

When it was all said and done, he had broken a plastic ruler while swatting my tits, eaten my pussy, fucked me in the ass and then fucked me again!!!! We went through at least 20 more tissues.

Damn, that man can pleasure me in every single way. That tongue, those fingers, that cock. “I love to eat pussy,” he said, before burying his face between my legs. Seconds later, I came. Fuck, I am a lucky slut.

It had been a while since he forced his enormous cock into my ass and the sharp pain was both overwhelming and divine. He fucked that ass HARD, too, and gave me a huge load, along with a very sore ass.

Afterward, we chatted for a few minutes. Somewhat out of the blue he said, “I am going to fuck you again.” My eyes widened. Moments later, I was bent over my office chair getting a tremendous pounding.

That afternoon, the trash can was full of cum-soaked tissue and beer bottles. When I left for the day, I carried the bag with me to the parking deck trash can. No sense in alarming or alerting the cleaning crew.

Now, I have to pick up another box of tissue.


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