Cross one off the bucket list…


For a couple of years, having a threesome has been on my kinky bucket list. Today, I can cross it off and add something new.

If I had planned it, it would have never worked out. There’s a lot to be said for last-minute fun.

Here’s a little back story. You can skip this part if it gets boring. On Tuesday, the Hot Attorney called me to chat. He wanted me to talk dirty, too, so I did and he was pleased. We talked about hooking up on Friday in the woods and promised to touch base later in the week. Yesterday afternoon, I learned that I was going to be in the office alone all day and figured I could invite him over for a quickie…a more comfortable and private setting than the woods! MYC and I had fucked on Tuesday night at my office, so I figured it was the Hot Attorney’s turn. When I called him this morning, he said he was interested and would call me later.

Because I am a good girl (ha ha), I didn’t start drinking Crown and Diet Coke until 2 p.m. Boy, am I glad I had a stiff drink! There’s no way in hell I would or could have done this sober.

MYC texted to see if I had lined anyone up to keep me company and I said there was a possibility for a visitor at 2:30 and commented that if I had any cajones, I’d try to round up a threesome. The Hot Attorney showed up and I broached the subject with him. He was reluctant at first. I told him if it didn’t go well, I was still going to suck his cock on a regular basis, so he said OK. Then I had him take a pic of me sucking his cock and send it to MYC, who was reluctant as well. Hell, I was, too!!!! It’s not like we were all sitting around drunk or stoned and decided to fuck around. Three professional adults having a three-way in an office storage room in the middle of the day. You think that’s going on in major metropolitan areas across the world every day? Honestly, I think it might be.

The weirdest thing was watching them shake hands and introduce themselves. That was fucking surreal. It was like two imaginary friends meeting each other.

I am still pinching myself that it actually happened. Both have them have had threesomes before, so I was the only “newbie.” The setting wasn’t ideal, but I had two cocks inside of me and it didn’t seem to take long for either of them to cum.

That was, of course, my favorite part…hearing both men cum…sounds I know well, but have never heard together…feeling both men cum…familiar sensations…but never experienced at the same time.

Things could have gone a thousand different ways, but I knew everyone was short on time (but long on cock), so I figured we might as well get down to business. I *think* I was on my knees between them for a few seconds, stroking their cocks, but my head was swimming and heart was pounding…making my throat and mouth very dry. I grabbed a Sprite nearby and drank a big mouthful before I sucked more cock. It is frustrating and nearly impossible to suck cock well with a dry mouth, so I had to do something.

Somehow, (don’t ask me because I don’t remember) I ended up on my feet, bent over with MYC behind me and the Hot Attorney in front. They came, I swallowed and then licked MYC clean. There may have been a few high fives and fist bumps. I don’t know. Hot Attorney left while MYC was in the restroom. Thank God.

Now, I can cross having two cocks at once off my fantasy bucket list, thanks to two great guys who were willing to do something totally outrageous to make one of their favorite cock suckers happy. Yeah, I’ll take that.


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