Third time’s a charm


How is it that one moderately suggestive text message from MYC literally makes me melt into a pool of my own juices? Perhaps it’s because my wildly erotic imagination requires little to ignite.

Today, it started fairly early in the work day. By about 10 a.m., I was sitting at my desk with a deep ache and craving that I hadn’t felt in some time. He indicated a sincere urge to satisfy my desire. It was clear; he needed to fuck. More specifically, he needed to bend me over and pound the shit out of my while I rubbed my clit, took his load and then licked him clean. I love a man with a plan.

To add fuel to the fire, I sent a barely-revealing picture of my cleavage, which elicited a “Fuk u” from him. “Awwwwwwww, thanks baby…fuk you, too,” I replied. Something was going to have to go down soon or we were both going to either implode or spontaneously combust. He said if he didn’t get relief soon, he would head down the hall to the restroom and take care of business there. “Please don’t,” I begged.

At 11:30 a.m., I had a meeting out of the office that was just a couple of miles from my house. While meeting at my house is never 100 percent safe, I knew my husband was occupied with meetings all day and would not be dropping by unexpectedly.

Driving to the meeting, I texted MYC while stopped at a red light: Does Daddy need to fuck? His reply: Yes (no punctuation)

I asked him to call me and we talked through the risks of meeting at my house. In the end, I persuaded him that everything would be fine. Instead of him driving there, we met at a nearby parking lot and went together in my ride from there. The instant he sat down in the passenger side, I began stroking his cock through his khakis, which was damn hard and getting stiffer by the second.

“You ready to give this fucking slut a pounding?” I asked. “Oh, you’re going to get it hard and dirty, baby,” he growled. “When we get in that house, I want your pussy and tits OUT.”

As soon as the front door was unlocked, all the naughty parts came out…his and mine. He licked and sucked my nipples and his fingers found the aching, craving place. We both groaned with the discovery.

“Now suck this cock,” he ordered and I happily complied, licking the head gingerly at first, then taking it all. “Now, bend over.”

Walking over to the sofa, I leaned into the cushion, spread my legs apart slightly, anxious for him to guide his cock inside of me. With one handful of hair and another grabbing my ass, he soothed my ache and satisfied my craving as he fucked me HARD and filled me with his load. He continued to drive his cock deeply, releasing that guttural sound of ecstasy and relief. As promised and desired, I gently licked the cum from his cock…so delicious and gratifying.

Since I didn’t get off, I matter of factly walked into my bedroom, got Juan out of the drawer, lie down on the bed and proceeded to take care of myself, as he walked into the room to watch. He had never met Juan before, although he has heard a lot about him. I am so pleased they finally made each other’s acquaintance. Perhaps one day, we can all play together. As MYC had texted earlier: A slut can dream.

We quickly dressed and I took him back to the parking lot where we met. Mission accomplished with no collateral damage. He went about his business and I headed to my meeting. I suspect we both had content, productive afternoon. What a difference a good, old-fashioned fuck can make.

After my meeting, I ran by the house, retrieved Juan from the sock drawer and found my way to yet another wave of pleasure.

That night, my girlfriend Dawne texted me to see if I wanted to go window shopping. She picked me up and the first place we went was Adam & Eve. We love browsing at toy stores. Later, I told my husband where we’d gone and after we crawled into bed, he wanted to know, “What did you look at while you were at Adam & Eve?”

“Oh, we looked at all the bondage devices, dildos, vibrators, lingerie, lubricants, fleshlights,” I said, “And they had some really nice cock cages that I’d never seen there before. Would you like to have one of those?” He whispered, “Yes,” grabbed a handful of hair and forced me onto his cock. After only a few thrusts, he exploded into my mouth.

Oddly, I don’t swallow his cum. It’s too acidic. When I came back to bed, I got out my magic bullet and enjoyed another climax. Third time’s a charm.


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