A night on my own


Yesterday, I had a rare afternoon, evening and overnight to myself. The Husband and kids were away. To keep my options open, I didn’t make any plans, another rarity. I was just going to go with the flow and if nothing happened, I would be content to binge watch Rita on Netflix or catch up on my reading.

Wanting to take advantage of the sunshine after work, I grabbed a Shiner Bock, a couple of cigarettes (don’t judge) and my phone and stretched out on the chaise lounge on my semi-private deck. About 15 minutes into my sun bathing, the phone rang. It was a chipper and chatty Hot Attorney. When he found out I was alone for the evening, he asked if he could come by between work and his son’s baseball game.

“Yes, I would love to see you,” I replied. While I enjoy our trysts in the great outdoors, my house provides a little more cover and is climate controlled. This is the South. It’s hot here. Also, we wouldn’t have to rush. I do so enjoy taking my time.

He said it would be at least an hour before he could get there, so I enjoyed the sun a little longer before hopping in the shower and getting ready for his arrival. I touched up my eye liner, applied lip stain, plugged in Juan and put on a black lace push-up bra, black mini-skirt and a black button-up top, which I left mostly unbuttoned. And I retrieved the shoe box in the top of the closet that contains my bong.

Do you think I achieved a desirable effect?

Photo on 6-15-15 at 5.41 PM

More than pleasantly surprised is a good way to describe the look on his face when he opened the door. He had with him an 18-inch long (phallic) maple rolling pin that he had purchased recently and made him think of me. Immediately, he nestled it between my tits and laughed. “That looks nice,” he said. I giggled. Making me laugh is a pretty big turn on. After a little more small talk, we got down to business.

He sat on the sofa and I fell to my knees and went to work on his cock, which got hard more quickly than it does when we meet in the woods. “There really is no better blow job than yours,” he whispered. “God, you’re amazing.” Words of affirmation must be my love language because that sent me into blow job hyper drive. Creative tongue work, deep throating, gingerly biting, intense sucking…we were both getting a lot out of it. I reached the point where I needed stimulation, so I invited him to go with me to my room, where I lay on my bed and summoned Juan. Standing beside me, he leaned down to suck my nipple, almost too hard. Within seconds, Juan hit the right spot and sent me into ecstasy. This time, I was happy to have an audience.

“I need you to fuck me now,” I said, still on the bed, with my legs spread. He reached down and confirmed my readiness to accept him. I stood and leaned onto the bed and he entered me from behind. “Would you like to pull out and come on my ass?” I asked. “How about I come in your ass?” he said. Wow. He and I had never done that before.

“Yes, I would like that,” I said and reached for some oil to ease the process, which it did. After about a dozen slightly and deliciously painful thrusts, he grabbed my ass (again…a little too hard) and erupted.

Sitting on the sofa afterward, I commented that I liked anal sex because the lingering soreness is a nice reminder of recent good and kinky times. He replied that he wasn’t really into the pain thing because he didn’t know when “Ohhhh, it hurts” is dirty talk or “stop it, motherfucker, that really hurts” talk. I told him we’d come up with a safe word and winked.

Since Juan was already out and plugged in, I enjoyed another session with him and some Big Black Cock after the Hot Attorney went on his merry way.

Later that night, I received a text from MYC, who was out of town for a work-related event. He asked how my evening had gone…did I have any visitors? Yes, I did have company, I told him. He wanted to know “Where’d you take it?” “Ass,” I answered.





It was 11:27 p.m. when he called. “What are you doing?,” he asked. “Laying naked on my bed,” I said. Turns out, he was doing the same. What a coincidence.

“I’m rubbing the precum on the tip of my cock with my index finger, getting ready to put some lotion on it,” he said.

I put Juan on the phone so MYC could hear what was about to go down (pun intended) on my end (again, pun intended). Then I told MYC how the Hot Attorney had fucked me, that I hadn’t been fucked in the ass since the last time he did it in November, that I wanted him to bend me over and fuck the shit out of me. Just as he was blowing his load, I came for the third time.

What a fabulous Monday.


5 thoughts on “A night on my own

  1. Anthony

    This was a hot Monday. I took agree that pic is amazing. Wishing I can find a playmate like you 🙂


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