The Husband and I went for a Sunday afternoon walk at our new favorite park—an abandoned golf course sprawling between two creeks, a few minutes from our house. These creek bottoms are home to three golf courses and a driving range (where I used to meet the Hot Attorney regularly).

Hardly anyone knows about this park because it’s off the beaten path an in a part of town that most people thumb their noses at…their loss. The paved cart paths meander through fields of blooming goldenrod, vegetable garden plots, pine stands, mowed power line easements, creek banks, wildflowers and water features. It has become one of my happy places. Tonight was the first time we’ve encountered anyone else on our walk. The last few times, we’ve had it all to ourselves. I want everyone else to know how amazing this park is, but I also want to keep it a secret.

On this outing, we decided to walk as far east as we could. Where the cart path ended, we started found a utility access road, crossed a creek by walking on a water line and discovered a beautiful lake with a golf course in current use directly across from us.

Wandering back toward the park entrance, we hit a dead end and had to traipse through a dry creek bed until we found an ersatz trail through a stand of goldenrod that towered over us. About halfway through, he gingerly tickled my hips from behind with his fingertips. Honestly, it surprised me! I stopped in my tracks and he pulled in closer, gently pressing into my backside and getting hard.

Still facing forward, my hands found their way to blindly unbutton and unzip his pants and caress his cock. He groaned and thrust. As I knelt to lick and suck him, I thought what a treat it was to do this with him. The Hot Attorney and I have fucked around outside many times. This was a first with The Husband.

After a minute or so of delighting him with my talented mouth, I decided it was time to get down to business. He entered me from behind, grabbed my hips and fucked me hard. “I am going to cum now,” he whispered, and finished quickly.

Holding hands on the walk back to the car, I told him, “I thought this would be a great place to fuck.” Between you and me, however, it hadn’t occurred to me that it would be with him. After 19 years of marriage, it was a nice “first” for us.


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